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Fifth “dark” force completely change our understanding of the universe

Robert Skopec*

Published: 29 July, 2019 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 035-041

For something that’s literally as old as the universe, dark matter doesn’t get much attention outside scientific circles. Maybe that’s because, other than a short-lived SyFy series and a late-period Randy Newman album, this nebulous star stuff has had a tough time breaking the pop-culture barrier. But the truth is that today, dark matter has never mattered more. Our own Milky Way is embedded in a massive cloud of it, we’re looking for its interactions deep inside the earth, and there are whole galaxies without it. So what is dark matter, anyway? Why can’t scientists get enough of the stuff, even though they can’t actually find it? What deep, dark secrets does it hold? And could it ultimately shape the future of life as we know it?

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Dark matter; Dark energy; Radioactive decay; Neutrinoless double beta decay; Majorana fermion; Superflares; Coronal mass ejection; NASA Kepler space telescope; European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft; Gravitational lensing; Gamma radiation-detecting space telescopes


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