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Evaluation of long antigen exposition dendritic cell therapy (LANEX-DC®) in the adjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer – results of a single center analysis

Frank Gansauge* and Bertram Poch

Published: 25 July, 2022 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 006-008

Introduction: Even after surgical resection and adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer the 5-year disease-free survival times (DFS), as well as overall survival rates (OS), are still low and median survival times are below 2 years. Here we retrospectively analyzed the outcome of immunotherapy in the additional adjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer with long antigen exposition dendritic cell therapy (LANEX-DC®) in 28 patients who were treated at our institution. 
Patients: Data were available from 28 patients. Dendritic cells (LAEX-DC®) were produced according to a recently published protocol.
Results: Therapy was well tolerated and no serious side effects were observed. The median disease-free survival times and the median survival times were 16,9 months and 29,4 months respectively. Five-year DFS and OS were 14,3% and 17,9%. 
Conclusion: We were able to show in a small cohort of patients that additional treatment with dendritic cells (LANEX-DC®) is highly effective and extends the median disease-free survival times as well as the median survival in the adjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer, whereas the five-year overall survival still remains unsatisfactory.

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Pancreatic cancer; Dendritic cells; LANEX-DC®; Immunotherapy; Adjuvant


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